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The EVObooster is connected after the EVOdrink or similar high-performance filter. Then the treated water is dispensed from a separate or a reusable water tap.


The EVObooster is easy to install and can be installed by yourself. Nevertheless, we recommend having the installation of the combination package, including EVOdrink and EVOcharge, carried out by a plumber.

The EVObooster does not require maintenance and therefore there are no maintenance costs. The estimated lifetime of the electrodes when used correctly with filtered water is 20’000 liters (approx. 7 years). After this time the EVObooster should be replaced by a new unit. You will receive a 300 CHF discount on the new price for a new device.

Drinking hydrogen water is recommended because hydrogen is a very effective antioxidant for eliminating free radicals, which reduces oxidative stress, which in turn is the cause of most diseases and premature aging. Moreover, as the smallest element in the universe, hydrogen penetrates where other antioxidants cannot, such as the nerve cells and the cell nucleus.

Generally, the concentration of minerals in acidic or alkaline water is the same as in the source water. Many claim that “beneficial minerals” are increased in alkaline water and that all “bad minerals and toxins (e.g. fluoride, THMs, lead, etc.)” are eliminated in acidic water. This, of course, is not true! No minerals are added, the ions are merely sorted by their charge (+ / -). This disbalance of positive and negative minerals is more stressful than beneficial for the human organism. Last but not least, toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, microplastics, etc. are only partially filtered out – depending on whether the charge is positive or negative.

Erst in den Jahren 2007-2010 haben Wissenschaftler und Forscher herausgefunden, dass die therapeutische Eigenschaft in alkalisch ionisiertem Wasser der molekulare Wasserstoff ist und nicht die basischen Mineralien..

Einige Ionisatoren enthalten keine ausreichenden Mengen an gelöstem Wasserstoffgas oder zumindest liegt ihre Konzentration unter einer Nachweisgrenze von 0,01 ppm.

Andere Wasserionisatoren können ausreichende Mengen an Wasserstoff produzieren, aber aufgrund ihrer Produktion von alkalischem Wasser neigen die Elektroden zu rascher Verkalkung, was verhindert, dass sich das Wasserstoffgas im Wasser löst. Daher kann ohne Reinigung der Systeme mit Zitronensäure oder Essig die Konzentration des Wasserstoff auch innerhalb weniger Tage bis Wochen unter 0,01 ppm fallen, je nach Ursprungswasser und Verwendung.

Ungelöstes Wasserstoffgas kann in einigen Fällen auch mit konventionellen Wasserionisierern nachgewiesen werden, wo das Wasser aufgrund all der grossen Wasserstoffblasen „milchig“ oder „neblig“ aussieht. Nur weil ein Wasser milchig aussieht oder man viele Blasen im Wasser sehen kann, bedeutet dies also nicht, dass das Wasser eine hohe Konzentration an molekularem Wasserstoff aufweist. Tatsächlich kann die tatsächliche Konzentration sogar unter dem Nachweis liegen.

Chemisch betrachtet ist H+ für den sauren pH-Wert im Wasser verantwortlich. H+ wird in unserem EVObooster unverzüglich zu H2 und balanciert sich somit zu einem neutralen pH-Wert aus.

Here, the EVObooster also differs from the common hydrogen generators / ionizers. Although these separate water and oxygen, the oxidative and oxygen components are not discharged but mixed. This results in compounds such as brown gas, bang gas and ozone, which have a cell-damaging effect instead of a cell-promoting one. The EVObooster, on the other hand, removes excess molecules that are harmful to cells, so that you can enjoy the best and purest hydrogen water possible.

In general, we should drink between 1 and 3 liters of water. It is recommended to drink only hydrogen-treated water, but even one glass a day would be very beneficial for the regulation of our oxidation level.

Yes. The hydrogen-treated water simply helps us maintain the proper oxidation level for good health, without any side effects.

Of course. The water is also beneficial for the animals. Try it out!

Every time we breathe in, 2% of the oxygen entering our body turns into bad oxygen, called “free radicals”. This bad oxygen can be transformed into good oxygen by an electric charge of antioxidants. If we do not give it this charge through the antioxidants, it absorbs it from our cells, causing them to become diseased or die, a process known to us as “oxidation”. In addition, the lifestyle in industrialized countries increases the oxidation level due to the poor diet, pollution, stress, etc.. As we age, we also need to consume more antioxidants because our bodies produce fewer antioxidant enzymes.

One can feel from the first moment more energy, hydration, general well-being, better digestion, a better feeling of recovery. But as for important improvements, we experience them only after a few weeks or even months, when we manage to reduce oxidative stress, the cause of most of the diseases and premature aging.

No. There is bottled water with an excess of minerals. It is recommended to use water with less than 100 mg/l of dry matter content, which is less than 100 ppm or less than 150 µS/cm. We therefore strongly recommend using our EVOdrink or a similar high performance filter.

No, which is why, to protect the device and our health, we should use a “water suitable for human consumption with a weak mineral content”.

No. The evaporating hydrogen from the EVObooster water is always mixed with air and is not flammable in this concentration!

No. Even if we drink hydrogen-treated water, the antioxidant vitamins and minerals in foods are necessary because they have other vital functions besides being decidedly antioxidant.

It is important to note that just because something has a high ORP (negative or positive) does not mean that a reaction will occur. Just like in the illustration with the ball at the top of the hill, it has the “potential” to roll down the hill, but something still needs to give the ball the initial “push” (this is called activation energy (Ea)). If the required activation energy is too high, the reaction may never occur.

Es ist auch wichtig zu beachten, dass etwas ein negatives ORP hat, nicht bedeutet, dass es einen physiologischen antioxidativen Wert hat. Es ist die chemische Spezies, die für die Erzeugung des ORP-Wertes verantwortlich ist, die bestimmt, ob sie als biologisches Antioxidans wirken kann oder nicht.

Zum Beispiel kann ein negatives ORP durch die Zugabe von Vitamin C, molekularem Wasserstoff oder Aluminium im Wasser erzeugt werden, aber nur Vitamin C und molekularer Wasserstoff haben physiologische Vorteile.

Tatsächlich kann Aluminium sogar als Oxidationsmittel wirken und genau das verursachen, was Sie verhindern wollen. Dies ist bei vielen kommerziellen Produkten unbedingt zu bedenken. Die Frage muss lauten: „Welche chemische Spezies ist für die Erzeugung des negativen ORP verantwortlich, und hat das einen physiologischen Wert?

The misconception is that acidic foods or water are oxidizing and alkaline foods or water are antioxidant. This raises the question of what about ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is the epitome of both an acidic and an antioxidant. In fact, most fruits that are high in antioxidants are quite acidic (pH 1-5).

Tatsache ist, dass pH-Wert und freie Radikale wirklich unterschiedliche chemische Reaktionen sind. Die eine ist die Säure-Base-Chemie, die andere die Oxidations-Reduktions-Chemie. Zusammengefasst kann folgendes gesagt werden: Wenn etwas sauer ist, bedeutet das, dass es eine höhere H+-Ionen-Konzentration hat.

This false doctrine probably stems from the following four perspectives:

The common fallacy that antioxidants are negative while free radicals are positive, combined with the fact that hydroxide (OH-) has a negative charge.

Alkaline ionized water has a high pH and therefore contains more hydroxide (OH-) ions, which are negatively charged.

Alkaline ionized water has a negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and has antioxidant activity.

The fact that molecular hydrogen (H2) as the reason for the -ORP, antioxidant activity and therapeutic effect was not recognized until about 2007, which means that ionized water was marketed decades before H2 was detected.

Another thing to consider is what would happen if hydroxide (OH-) acted as an antioxidant and donated an electron. It would turn into the most cytotoxic oxygen radical: the hydroxyl radical (OH).


Exactly, it is a membrane filter in the nano range, reverse osmosis is in the similar range however the systems differ in efficiency, water consumption and energy – which is in our favor.

Our drinking water is tested and purified in accordance with the applicable drinking water ordinance. According to this ordinance, limit values are currently set for around 50 parameters that may not be exceeded. At first glance, this sounds good. However, the problem is that there are now many more substances in the water than the limits specified in the Drinking Water Ordinance. Various medications, for example, which many people take and ultimately excrete, end up in the water cycle via the toilet. However, sleeping pills, antibiotics, psychotropic drugs, hormones and other substances of this kind are not covered by the Drinking Water Ordinance. Consequently, they do not necessarily have to be controlled and filtered out. Another problem are pollutants that enter our drinking water only immediately after treatment by the waterworks. Many pipes through which the water is transported from the waterworks to our homes contain copper or are made of PVC (plastic), and in very old houses lead pipes are sometimes still found. Lead and copper are highly toxic to our bodies above a certain concentration, which is why they are only allowed in very small quantities in water according to the drinking water ordinance. However, these values are examined in the waterworks and not after the water has flowed through the kilometer-long, partly outdated pipelines.

Daher ist die optimalste Lösung eine nachweislich effektive Filterung am Ort der Ausgabe durch den EVOdrink.

Based on the above knowledge, it would be obvious to drink mineral water instead of tap water. However, one should also know that there are only about 20 limit values in the mineral water ordinance that must be complied with. This means that mineral water does not have to be controlled nearly as strictly as our tap water. Whether individual manufacturers now voluntarily carry out stricter controls here is a moot point. Likewise, most mineral waters are bottled in plastic bottles, which contain carcinogenic plasticizers. These release estrogens and microplastics into the water. If you now think mineral water in glass bottles is better, then unfortunately it must be said that glass is significantly more harmful to the environment, since a glass bottle must be recycled up to 50 times until it is CO2 neutral.

Apart from the health hazards, with the EVOdrink you no longer have to carry heavy loads.

Therefore, the most optimal solution is proven effective filtration at the point of dispensing by the EVOdrink.

Yes, the filters must be changed after a certain time. The Umuntu membranes have a durability of 10’000 liters. After that, a maintenance kit (1x pre-filter / 2x membranes) costs 270 CHF. For a family of four and a daily consumption of 8 liters of water, the annual maintenance costs are about 70 CHF.

The EVOdrink signals the use of the filter after 10,000 liters with an acoustic signal. The pre-filter and the two membranes should then be changed for the next 2000 liters.

The filter cartridges can be changed easily and conveniently. We have created a detailed maintenance video for this purpose. Please follow these detailed instructions.

The EVOdrink is installed at any water connection in your house. This can be the kitchen, the basement or the bathroom. The EVOdrink is not installed directly to the main entrance water pipe in the house!

You will need a cold water connection, an electrical outlet, enough space for the filter and a waste water siphon.

Of course, we leave the choice of installation to you and you can install the EVOdrink yourself. However, we naturally recommend professional installation by a plumbing specialist, who can also provide you with the warranty on the installation.

We offer a 2-year warranty on the entire filter, provided that the filter has been properly installed and is used as intended.

The system is automatically flushed every 4 hours so that no bacteria can settle and multiply – Swiss standard is once a day. Thus we are enormously above the SVGW directed values. In addition, our membrane is smaller than the bacteria and then none can form. And finally, the structure of the Umuntu membrane guarantees a constant filter performance, because it does not foul and clog due to the larger attack surface, as can happen with conventional reverse osmosis systems, for example.

You can use this for a rental apartment. The price includes everything from the installation kit to a new faucet. However, for a rental apartment we recommend to buy a 3-in-1 faucet (through us or plumbing) so that you do not have to drill a separate hole. In the online store you will find our offer for various faucets.

You are welcome to contact us by phone, write an e-mail or order a filter directly via our webshop.

The filtered water is slightly acidic during a measurement, but is alkaline in the body as soon as it is drunk.

Now there are devices that can make the water alkaline (high pH). These devices, however, only condense the mineral concentration. In a liter of water you then simply have a higher content of minerals than before, which automatically increases the pH value and thus makes the water more alkaline. These are only inorganic minerals, which are added to the water and these have a burdening effect on the organism.

In addition, the fact that a water is alkaline says nothing about whether it is also alkaline in the body afterwards or whether, on the other hand, a slightly more acidic, mineral-poor water is acidic in the body. Lemon juice, for example, is quite acidic, as everyone knows, and therefore has a fairly low pH value. However, when you drink it then, it has a very alkaline effect in the body.

A small example:

Take a glass of tap water and a glass of filtered water.

  1. 1. measure the pH value with a pH liquid or pH strip.
    2. tap water should have a pH value of 6 – 7.
    3. the filtered water should have a pH value of approx. 5.5 – 6.5.
    4. now add a mineral to the water – a knife tip is enough.

You can use calcium or magnesium as a mineral, ash can also be used. When you take the next measurement, the tap water will remain at the pH value of about 6 – 7, whereas the filtered water will have a pH value of 7 – 8. If you add more minerals, the filtered water will become even more alkaline and move towards the pH of 10. The water should only be made alkaline with our foods such as vegetables. We do not recommend artificial or inorganic additives to our customers.

Aren’t minerals also filtered out? If yes, are these minerals also missing for my health?
No, they still have small amounts of minerals (like spring water) in the filtered water.

Water – both drinking water and mineral waters – contributes little to meeting mineral needs at current consumption levels, i.e., water tends to have supplemental functions and is overrated as a source of minerals. By far the most important sources of minerals in the human diet are solid foods. This is because it is mainly in food that we find the organic minerals that are important for us. In the advertised mineral waters, however, there are only inorganic minerals, which our body cannot process properly to a large extent and thus rather burden us than relieve us.

The still as disadvantageously called undersupply of the body with minerals and/or the withdrawal of minerals is scientifically not tenable. Rather, medically and scientifically it is becoming increasingly clear that the purer a drinking water is, the better it can fulfill the tasks in the body. It is also not the task of water to provide minerals to the body. Nutrition takes care of that. Mineral waters are also not the most important source for the need of minerals, as it is often suggested. Only a few mineral waters contain more than 1,500 milligrams of minerals per liter. Often, a mineral water impresses with a single mineral in a higher dose. Sometimes one mineral water has a particularly high calcium content, another a lot of magnesium, and the next a lot of potassium. According to Stiftung Warentest, around half of all classic waters (carbonated mineral waters) are low in minerals. Among still waters, more than two-thirds even contain less than 500 milligrams of minerals.

If you still want to have a higher proportion of minerals in your water, you can add minerals to the water with our MineraLiquid.


If you have installed the EVOcharge compliant to the cold water system and after an efficient filter system (our recommendation: EVOdrink), the EVOcharge is completely service and maintenance free.

The EVOcharge is simply connected after our EVOdrink or a similar filter system. Thanks to simple push-in connections, one hose is plugged into the inlet and one into the outlet of the EVOcharge.

The EVOcharge is easy to install. With the right hose connections, the EVOcharge can be installed very simply and without any manual skills.

We offer 10 years warranty on the EVOcharge

The EVOcharge is based on a unique rotation process for which a world patent has been filed. The unique algorithm of the nozzles for the rotation chamber and the geometry specially developed for this purpose offer the maximum in innovation. The Evodrop alloy of the rotation chamber is cavitation-resistant, unlike normal stainless steel alloys. Accordingly, we offer superior protection and durability. The EVOharge does not need to be refilled or replaced annually like other filter cartridges, but has been designed to last forever. We use scientifically-proven mechanisms and effects, not esoteric or hocus-pocus products.

To unleash the full potential of the EVOcharge, we recommend mounting a strong filter system in front of the EVOcharge. Our test results and experiences are always based in combination with the EVOdrink. Pure water is the basis for any kind of preparation

Yes. The water molecule bonds are “torn apart” during EVOcharge and thus the water can structure itself naturally again after it comes out of the tap. This creates a hexagonal water structure with the compound H3O2.
Through our oxygen saturation test, we have measured an oxygen increase of around 30% (depending on the respective water temperature).

The EVOcharge creates a constant water structure, which can last for several weeks after filling when sealed.

Natural. The water is ideal for preparing food, such as coffee, tea, vegetables, pasta and so on. Due to the increased solubility of the water, the flavors of the food unfold significantly and the prepared food / drink tastes more intense.

Absolutely! According to The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, babies have almost 100% hexagonal water in their bodies at birth. Drinking this biologically superior water in children can contribute to greater health and vitality – just as it does in adults. It could be one of the most important gifts you can give your children.


No. The EVOtransform is based on a purely physical process without the use of chemicals and is installed with corrosion- and erosion-free material. This makes the system maintenance-free. In addition, you will receive a 10-year warranty on the system, provided it is not dismantled or used improperly. In order to guarantee the best possible quality and always the latest state of our technology, we recommend replacing the EVOtransform after these 10 years.

Conventional softening systems (ion exchangers) work with environmentally harmful salts. These salts bind magnesium and calcium and remove these minerals from the water. At the same time, however, these ion exchangers release harmful sodium into the water. The sodium is not only harmful to health, but the water also tastes bad and plants cannot be irrigated with this water and die. The EVOtransform is based on a purely physical principle and works without the use of chemicals. The water is softer, healthier and more oxygenated.

The EVOtransform will be mounted on your main water line directly after the water meter and sediment filter. We recommend having the installation done by a certified plumber.

No. Since the EVOtransform must be connected to the main water line and the installation is somewhat more complex, we recommend having the installation performed by a certified plumber. For the installation you need special tools and a certain know-how in domestic engineering. If you do not have a plumber you trust, we will be happy to organize the installations by one of our specialized partners in your area.

We offer a 10-year warranty on the EVOtransform.

Van der Waals forces are electrostatic charges generated by water molecules due to their dipole characteristics. Through rotation, whose vacuum forces are stronger than the electrostatic forces of the water molecules, the water molecules are freed from the adhering substances (gases).

By means of these forces, the carbonic acid is split off from the water and the CO2 is discharged as a gas. The calcium remains in the water, but in a chemically-physically different form, which no longer settles and accumulates on pipes, fittings and surfaces.

Calcium formation in hard water as a CaCO3 precipitation process is a process of equilibrium and slowing down. An increase in pH due to CO2 release in solution will drive CaCO3 precipitation as follows:

Ca2+ + 2HCO3 – = CO2(aq) + CaCO3(s) + H2O.

However, in the dynamic fluid system, the Lorentz force and the magnetohydrodynamic effect on charged ions or particles play an important role in increasing CaCO3 precipitation.

No. The calcium and magnesium molecules are robbed of their binding ability. Therefore, crystals of magnesium and calcium (also known as lime) can no longer form in the water. The degree of hardness remains the same, but due to the amorphous structure of the crystals, the lime does not adhere so strongly to surfaces after the water has oxidized. Simply put. The lime is rendered harmless and after the water dries only a light mineral film remains on the surface, which you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth.

Since the lime can no longer “seize up”, you protect your pipes in the house from wear and blockage. In the long run, this will save you massive renovation or repair costs in the event of a broken or clogged pipe. Additionally, the water is better for all the water-using appliances in your home and significantly increases their lifespan. However, the water also affects the functioning of various appliances in your home. The laundry becomes softer due to the treated water and the washing machine requires less detergent. The dishwasher needs less salts and your dishes have less lime marks.

Since the EVOtransform completely avoids the use of chemicals, the water is healthier than with conventional softening systems, which release sodium into the water. As the water molecules can form naturally again due to the enormous rotational forces, the bioavailability of the water increases as the water clusters are smaller (hexagonal water). The water becomes more binding and care products such as creams, shampoo and other cosmetics can be better absorbed by the skin. The increased solubility of the water also ensures that you need to use less cleaning, washing and rinsing agents. This relieves the strain on your skin and respiratory tract, as you come into less intensive contact with cleaning agents.

Yes. The water molecule bonds are “torn apart” during the EVOtransform and thus the water is “degassed”. As soon as the water comes into contact with oxygen again, it has a higher uptake potential and can therefore bind more oxygen. The oxygen content after EVOtransform is up to 30% higher.

Since there is also permanent pressure on the pipes in the house, the lime can recombine after approx. 2 weeks of water standstill despite its amorphous structure. Therefore, in case of a longer absence, we recommend to flush the pipes properly upon your arrival. Simply turn on the cold water in each room with a water connection and let it run for about 2 minutes.


The EVOadsorb is a house filter and is installed directly on the main cold water pipe of your house. It is important that a fixed installation sequence is followed. The EVOadsorb must be installed after the water meter and the pressure reducer and sediment filter (backwash filter).

For the installation of the EVOadsorb you need certain expertise, which a sanitary plumber brings with him. Certain conditions (water pressure, installation diagram, etc.) must be observed. Therefore, we recommend that the EVOadsorb is always installed by a specialist (plumber). This guarantees a safe installation and commissioning and you will be instructed by a specialist.

The change period of 6 to a maximum of 12 months is recommended for hygienic reasons. However, an early change within this period may be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. This is not a defect of the filter used, but an indication of increased occurrence of fine particles in the unfiltered water. Due to various external influences (house size, degree of hardness, water consumption, piping, etc), we will inform you of the maintenance interval individually.

The conventional softening system with ion exchange resin removes its lime content from the water by means of the ion exchange process that gives it its name. More precisely, it removes the positively charged ions such as calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+) and potassium (Ka2+), i.e. the alkaline earth ions. Instead, it releases two sodium ions (Na+) each to the water. It therefore exchanges the ions. This is where the EVOadsorb relies on a modified bioactive material. Combined with the active membrane, an ionizing protective shell is released around the CaCO3 and MgCO3 (lime) particles to minimize the lime factor in the water. Thus we do not change the taste negatively and do not release harmful sodium into the water – on the contrary; we even improve it thanks to our active membrane! This has been proven to filter heavy metals, microorganisms, chemicals and medications from the water.

No. We do not change the PH of the water by filtration with the EVOadsorb. Due to our modified bioactive material combined with the active membrane, an ionizing protective shell is delivered around the CaCO3 and MgCO3 (lime) particles. Thus we do not change the taste negatively – on the contrary; we even improve it thanks to our active membrane! This takes out undesirable flavors completely.

How can I buy an EVOadsorb?You are welcome to contact us by phone, write an e-mail or order a filter directly via our webshop.